Installments are listed approximately by plotline. Standalone episodes by themselves. There may be some overlap, given that one thing leads to another.

Pilot: The Man, the Boy and the House; Pink Dress and Bad Reception; Atticus Finch on the Porch, Florence Nightingale in the Kitchen; Steel and Steal, Fire and Rain

In the Room, the People Come and Go

Mordecai Gets Arrested: Cornflakes and Blue Serge; “Get That Thing Away From My Gigi!”; Peter and the Wolf, Mordecai and the Locket

Short Subjects on an Eye: Bird Person; A Conversation with Milo

Sanaam’s First Visit Home: The Sailor is Home from the Sea; Table Talk; Flour Power; Always Weird at the House

Happiness is a Penny-Farthing

Edge of Seven

Who’s on First, What’s in the Attic, I Dunno Who’s in Room 101

Whaddya Get When You Cross Bowie, Brahe and Mercury?

Pension Day

The Visibles

Our Song Has No Title

Erik Calls a God for the First Time: Sick; Crisis/Opportunity; Meet Auntie Enora; Meet Milo; In and Out the Windows; Fixing the Red Toaster; Curiosity and the Cat; So Long and Thanks for All the Cigarettes; What I Did During the Siege of San Rosille by Mordecai Eidel, Age 56; Welcome Back, Erik; Loose Ends

Painting the House, and Aftermath: Smart as Paint; NUJV

A Violin for Mordecai: A Violin, Part 1 & Part 2

The Schoolteacher: Hey Erik!; Cookies and Calling Gods

Xmas in March: Elephant in the Room; Preparatory Matters; Birnam Wood Comes to 217 Violena; Xmas in March


Cake and Cathy

Weitz and Eidel Do the Movies

No Soap, Radio

Past Traumas: Nightmare; Milo Loses His Crayons

GTA San Rosille

Ann Gets Murdered: A Whole Plot for One Gag; What’s in the Box?; On the Roof; Opening Night; After Party


Rose & Hyacinth

Ordinary Day with Newspaper

We’ve Been to a Wedding

John Green-Tara, Again: John Brings Ice Cream, Part 1 & Part 2

The Magic Storm: Force of Nature, Gimme Shelter; In the Basement; Bedlam House; Damage Control; Like an Idiot on the Roof!; Oscar the Grouch’s Raison d’Etre; Left. Over. Leftovers

Cold Things


Calliope Moves In: The Artist; Nesting; Suitcases

Milo Loses His Pencil

The Kids Shoplift

The Brownies: Calliope Bakes; …Milo is Baked; Who is Responsible?

On Absent Fathers

Because of a Greatcoat: The Coffee Stain; The Bank

Sanaam Meets Calliope

A Day at the Beach: The Beach Episode Part 1 & Part 2

Meet Cousin Violet

Spinning Wheel

The Music Man

Calliope Has the Baby: It’s Time!; Waiting; In a White Room

Milo Blows Up His Relationship: Every Rose Has Its Thorn; Justafta; Down; Tut-Tut, It Looks Like Rain; The Morning After; Home Again; Cry in the Night; Moonshadow; Talk, Damn It

Home for the Holidays: Mischief Night; Ghost Week; Sigurd’s Day Night’s Alright for a Party; Cloquette Day; Split

John and the Kids Go to the Movies: The Robin Hood Caper, Part 1 & Part 2

Breakfast at Hennessy’s

Brownies Revisited


Happy Birthday, Dear One

Riddle for the Ages